How Long Can I Live in My House After Foreclosure?

Homeowner's are entitled to stay in their home up until a foreclosure sale of the property takes place, and in some cases, longer. Generally, the homeowner is given plenty of notice before they have to move out, as well as plenty of time to pay off their default debts and actually stop a foreclosure sale from happening. When fighting a foreclosure, knowledge is often your best asset. If you know the details of foreclosure law, you can use them to your advantage to get as much time as you possibly can to pay off your debt or make other plans to move out.

Unfortunately, there is no specific time period that American homeowners have to stay in their home after a foreclosure begins, because the laws regarding foreclosure vary drastically from state to state. Some states may allow you a year or more, while others move through the foreclosure process very quickly, and may force you to exit you home within a few months. Be sure you know the law in your area. It can also help to consult an attorney to help you understand your options and obligations throughout the process.

In some areas, the homeowner is entitled to a redemption period after a foreclosure sale ends that allows them a certain amount of time to pay off their debt and keep ownership of their property. In many cases, the homeowner is allowed to remain in their home during this time. But again, it all depends on local law, so the best advice is to do some research and find out the specifics of the foreclosure laws in your area.

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