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CRISTLER AVE , Dallas, TX 75223
Built in 1926
SILVERTON DR , Dallas, TX 75229
4 2
Built in 1959
S WOODY RD , Dallas, TX 75253
4 2
Built in 1966
COLLINS AVE , Dallas, TX 75210
3 4
Built in 1965
BARLOW AVE , Dallas, TX 75224
2 1
Built in 1949
W BROOKLYN AVE , Dallas, TX 75208
Sheriff Sale
4 2
Built in 1940
CREST COVE CIR , Dallas, TX 75244
Sheriff Sale
4 3
Built in 1964
PEABODY AVE , Dallas, TX 75215
Sheriff Sale
2 2
Built in 1916
EZEKIAL AVE , Dallas, TX 75217
2 1
Built in 1952
E ANN ARBOR AVE , Dallas, TX 75216
Sheriff Sale
2 1
Built in 1945
DENNIS LN , Dallas, TX 75234
Sheriff Sale
3 2
Built in 1962
POQUITA DR , Dallas, TX 75220
Sheriff Sale
2 1
Built in 1950
FOREMAN ST , Dallas, TX 75210
Sheriff Sale
3 2
Built in 1955
STEDMAN DR , Dallas, TX 75252
Sheriff Sale
3 3
Built in 1990
JAMESTOWN RD , Dallas, TX 75230
Sheriff Sale
3 2
Built in 1957
ROCKSPRINGS CT , Dallas, TX 75254
Sheriff Sale
4 3.5
Built in 1983
CORREGIDOR ST , Dallas, TX 75216
Built in 1947
2 1
Built in 1929
HAMILTON AVE , Dallas, TX 75210
Built in 1936
BIRMINGHAM AVE , Dallas, TX 75215

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Hot Foreclosure Homes in Dallas, TX

Foreclosure Home in Dallas, TX, 75241,  JUDGE DUPREE DR ID: S70229961
Dallas County, Dallas, TX 75241
TX - 75241
3 1
Foreclosure Home in Dallas, TX, 75216,  WAWEENOC AVE ID: F4499767
Dallas County, Dallas, TX 75216
TX - 75216
3 1.5
Foreclosure Home in Dallas, TX, 75215,  DYSON ST ID: S70224801
Dallas County, Dallas, TX 75215
TX - 75215
2 1
Foreclosure Home in Dallas, TX, 75212,  BORGER ST ID: F4520057
Dallas County, Dallas, TX 75212
TX - 75212
3 2
Foreclosure Home in Dallas, TX, 75208,  S WAVERLY DR ID: S70243928
Dallas County, Dallas, TX 75208
TX - 75208
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ForeclosureDeals offers a solid database of Dallas bank owned foreclosure homes and Dallas government foreclosed homes for sale from federal agencies such as: HUD, VA, FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, USDA. These Dallas repossessed homes can be found in a number of ways, such as pre foreclosures, short sales, foreclosure auctions, flipping homes, bankruptcies and home foreclosures for sale in Dallas, TX. Our up-to-date real estate foreclosure listings in Dallas offers cheap distressed properties for buying & investing, in a great variety of properties like commercial & residential, multi & single family homes, lands, condos and apartment foreclosures in Dallas area.

About Foreclosed Homes in Dallas, TX

One of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is also home to a tremendous number of Fortune 500 companies. The variance of its real estate personality lends itself to a quirky, fun nature, not at all awkward or strange. In Dallas, you can find trolleys keeping company with commercial skyscrapers that are perfect for investing while strolling along the White Rock Lake Park. Property in the Dallas area also lends itself to brilliant opportunities to find apartments and condos for sale and even cheap foreclosures. Take advantage of these opportunities and start searching for foreclosed homes for sale in Dallas, TX now!

Dallas - Real Estate in the Heart of Texas

Dallas City

Investing in real estate is a function of finding prime locations loaded with the features that buyers today want: solid economies, employment opportunities, and high standards of living. While each buyer has a different set of preferences, investors can find virtually any buying opportunity in major cities across the country just by understanding key factors about the city and its various neighborhoods and suburbs.

Dallas, TX is one such example. Boasting a metro area population of 6.3 million, which is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country, Dallas is the center of a growing and vibrant population center called the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that attracts millions each year thanks to strong economies and a prime location. Dallas is a national center of banking, telecommunications, commerce, energy, transportation, technology, and research and has one of the busiest airports in the country, DFW International, nearby. Furthermore, Dallas is home to five major professional sports franchises and 38 colleges and universities.

In short, Dallas, TX has a wealth of potential for investors looking for one of the most in-demand population centers in America today.

Median Home Prices

Dallas TX City

Dallas median home prices typically hover around $144,000, with a value per square foot rating of $57 (which ranges from a low of $26 in the Cedar Crest area and a high of $149 in the Bluffview area). The metro area typically features a foreclosure rate of 10 foreclosure properties per 1,000 homes, with a high of 196 in City Center District and a low of 1.72 in the M Streets area.

As far as major cities in the U.S. go, Dallas's median home prices are typically below average, suggesting that homes in this area are undervalued and usually have room to grow and appreciate in value compared to similar homes in similar locations.

Areas to Live

Some of the best places to live in Dallas are centrally located neighborhoods with low foreclosure rates, suggesting ease of access to amenities and attractions with price stability and solid value. These areas include Bluffview, Cedar Crest, Claremont, Eagle Ford (which offers good access to Dallas and Arlington), Highland Village, Fairview, Lakewood, M Streets, Oak Cliff, Preston Hollow, and University Park.

Texas's Foreclosure Process

Texas has one of the fastest foreclosure processes in the country, primarily because it is relies most heavily on streamlined non-judicial foreclosures. (Judicial foreclosures are possible in Texas but are uncommon because most mortgages have Power of Sale clauses in them.) The average processing time for a foreclosure in Dallas is around 90 days, meaning foreclosure listings make it to market much faster than in other states. The actual process itself only takes 27 days. Additionally, there is no requirement for Notices of Trustee Sales to be published in the state, and there is no redemption period.