Drama Surrounding the Recent Listing of Anna Nicole’s Former Home

Anna Nicole Smith

If you want celebrity real estate without drama, you might want to look elsewhere. The late Anna Nicole Smith’s house is now on the market.

Anna Nicole Smith was first acknowledged in the celebrity world when she obtained the status of “Playmate of the Year” in 1993. Her popularity extended into modeling for plus-size supportive companies such as Lane Bryant and Guess. Even upon her controversial death in 2007, the media did all they could to obtain the up-to-date information on the suspicious (or not so suspicious) death of this young star.

If you are a fan of Ms. Smith’s then here is your chance to actually live her life! The former home featured in The Anna Nicole Smith Show is now listed on the market for a mere $1.75 million. However, along with her death, this property contains some very shady dealings that are definitely sending up red flags.

Anna Nicole Smith’s company Hot Smoochie Lips Inc. owed approximately $30,000 in taxes upon her death. As a result, the Franchise Tax Board blacklisted the company until back taxes were paid. At the time of Anna Nicole’s death, the company was owned by Smith but run by Howard K. Stern, whom Anna Nicole trusted. In fact, she trusted Stern so much that she made him the executor of her estate.

Ironically enough, this makes Stern responsible for the back taxes. However, it also allows him to control the money that the former Smith home makes when this property is sold. If the home sells for $1.75 million, Stern will definitely have plenty of money left even with the company’s tax issues.

Surely, Stern — the domestic partner of Smith, albeit not legally — is devastated at the loss of Anna Nicole. Or is he?

Anna Nicole’s autopsy showed that she had 11 drugs in her system at the time of her death. Of those 11 prescription drugs, 8 of them were not prescribed to Anna Nicole and were instead prescribed to Mr. Stern himself.

However, the judge ruled earlier this year that neither Stern nor Smith’s psychiatrist were guilty of drug conspiracy and were merely trying to protect Smith’s identity when they received medication for the heavily medicated and addicted Anna Nicole.

Regardless of whether Anna’s death truly was at the hands of a greedy Stern seeking to receive money from Anna’s estate- or from a grieving mother who just lost her son 5 months earlier- the former home of this incredibly famous lady is now on the market.

The money for the property will go back into Anna Nicole’s estate — whatever that may mean for Stern.

Possible drama surrounding the sale of this home or not, the house is beautiful and is complete with absolutely stunning views. This Studio, California mansion is breathtaking and is a great investment opportunity for those seeking to utilize the current buyers’ market to snag this fame-connected home — potentially for below list value. However, since this property is connected to a hot celebrity with a controversial death, the property may actually go for above list value if bidding wars develop.

Anna Nicole Smith House

(Image sources: Realtor.com)

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