Mobile Foreclosures

Mobile Foreclosures


Similar to manufactured foreclosures, mobile foreclosures are mobile homes (trailers) that have been repossessed by the lender for defaulted mortgage payments. Typically are worth the least but are the most affordable.

Buy Mobile Foreclosure Homes For Less

Mobile Foreclosure Home

Mobile foreclosure homes offer some of the best prices on mobile homes you're ever likely to find, and no service makes it easier to locate them than Foreclosure Deals. Mobile foreclosures are sold off for cheap because they are available directly from a lender, in most cases a bank or government service agency. At foreclosure auction, most mobile foreclosed homes go for discounts that can range up to 50% off their normal market price, creating a great chance for low priced investments. Anyone can learn how to become an expert on getting the best deals on these properties, and Foreclosure Deals is here to show you how.

Our service is your ticket to the very best mobile foreclosure listings throughout the nation. We aim to make buying and investing simple by helping you get listings for the exact kinds of mobile home property and real estate you want without even having to leave your own home! Try a search of our lists and see what's for sale in your neck of the woods today!

FAQ about Mobile Foreclosures

  • Basically, you will set up a contract for deed. This is, in essence, a way you can pay 'rent' for a certain number of months/years to the owner of the mobile home that covers their mortgage payment but also counts toward the purchase price. At the end of this term, you will need to secure a loan to pay the difference between the amount owed and the sum of the payments you've made.

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