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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I promote on several different websites?
R.: Of course you can! It would be our pleasure. Just remember to apply the same referral code each time to all of your banners.
Do I have to use your banners or can I create me own?
R.: We would love it if you created your own; we just ask that you include text links alongside the banners. We find that including this text allows for a higher pulling rate.
Is it okay to open your site in consoles?
R.: It's no problem at all. Anything is okay with us except unwanted email spam. You can use exit consoles, pop-ups and just about anything else you want.
Where can I find your Terms of Service?
R.: We don't have any terms specified as of this time, but if we receive complaints we will ask you to remove our banners and links from your sites. You will still be paid for your time spent as an affiliate, but our partnership with you will be terminated.
Where can I view my stats?
R.: Go to your Stats Page. The information is updated four times every hour.
How often will you pay me?
R.: You will be paid the following Wednesday for each payment week starting Monday and ending Sunday. Please note that we only pay out if a minimum of $25 is reached. Amounts under $25 will be rolled over to the following week. Your check will be sent to you directly via CCBILL™.