Manufactured Foreclosures

Manufactured Foreclosures


Foreclosures that represent manufactured homes (i.e. mobile homes or non-mobile, prefabricated homes). These are usually the least valuable but most affordable foreclosures on the market, and tend to be in lower-income areas.

Investing in Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Foreclosures

For a money-saving investment in real estate, manufactured foreclosures are the way to go for many buyers. These properties can encompass many types of home, including manufactured homes or pre-fabricated houses, and they are a great way to buy a cheap, quality home. But when you buy manufactured foreclosed homes, the deals get even better, and the potential for investing even more attractive.

Manufactured Foreclosures Homes

Foreclosures offer some of the best discount prices on property available on the market today, because they are sold for less than they are actually worth through special sales. These sales occur as the result of repossessions, and therefore prices can be anywhere from 30% to 50% below market values. These kinds of savings mean you're financing cost will be much less, and you'll be able to pay off your loan in a much shorter period of time. Investors often manufactured foreclosure homes and then sell them off for profits. When you buy foreclosure manufacture houses for a bargain price, your profit margin is instantly increased substantially.

These units work excellently as either residential or business properties, so investing in them has tons of potential. There is plenty of diversity in what's available too, as floor plans range from simple manufacturing designs to bigger homes. At Foreclosure Deals, we'll teach you about buying all kinds of repo homes, from motor and mobile home foreclosures to modular homes that are almost brand new. Come discover what's for sale in your area with our manufactured foreclosure listings and find the perfect home for cheap!


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