How to Sell HUD Homes?

Sell HUD Homes

HUD homes offer a few advantages. They are affordable compared to other types of properties, and typically are well within the budget of most of your potential clients. You have to know how to navigate the selling process, though, as it is a bit more complicated than conventional real estate selling.

Once you become an accredited real estate broker (after first being a real estate agent), you have to qualify to sell HUD homes. This involves registering with the Department of Housing and Urban Development as a certified broker. To do this, you need to fill out two forms: SAMS 1111 Broker application and SAMS 111A Selling Broker Certification.

HUD will review your application, and if they approve, they will issue you a name and address identification number (NAID). This is important; without a NAID, you are not allowed to list, show, or advertise HUD homes.

Once you have your NAID, you are officially permitted to advertise HUD homes, submit contracts to MLS or the HUD Home Store for listing, and serve as the agent on record for any HUD-related transactions. Just be mindful of the bidding process HUD uses; it is different from the relatively-simple buyer/seller transactions in a conventional exchange.